Gets List of all attribute types used in application. This is a lookup resource and represent the attribute values returned in various resources.




GET /api/attributes HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
            key: "None",
            value: 0
            key: "Male",
            value: 1
            key: "Female",
            value: 16
            key: "Singular",
            value: 256
            key: "Plural",
            value: 4096
            key: "Ism",
            value: 65536
            key: "Sift",
            value: 131072
        // Other values here

This value field resource should be used as flag. Each bit represent a different type of attribute. For example a word can be used for female and make so both bis would be on for the value 000000011;

Details of Attributes Values

Attribute values are a 64-bit value with every bit representing a different property of word. These properties are divided into following groups:


Represents gender for the word and uses first two bytes

Description Value
None 0x0000000000000000
Male 0x0000000000000001
Female 0x0000000000000010
Both 0x0000000000000010


Represents if the word is used in singular or plural context. 3-4 bits carry the value

Description Value
None 0x0000000000000000
Singular 0x0000000000000100
Plural 0x0000000000001000
Both 0x0000000000001100

Grammatical Type

Represents the grammatical type of urdu word

Description Value
Ism 0x0000000000010000
Sift 0x0000000000020000
Feal 0x0000000000030000
Harf 0x0000000000040000

Grammatical SubType

Represent grammatical subtype of urdu word

Description Value
IsmNakra 0x0000000000110000
IsmAla 0x0000000001110000
IsmSoot 0x0000000002110000
IsmTashgir 0x0000000003110000
IsmMasghar 0x0000000004110000
IsmMukabbar 0x0000000005110000
IsmZarf 0x0000000006110000
IsmZarfMakan 0x0000000016110000
IsmZarfZaman 0x0000000026110000
IsmJama 0x0000000036110000
IsmMuarfa 0x0000000000210000
IsmAlam 0x0000000001210000
Khitaab 0x0000000011210000
Lakab 0x0000000021210000
Takhallus 0x0000000031210000
Kunniyat 0x0000000041210000
Urf 0x0000000051210000
IsmZameer 0x0000000000310000
ZameerShakhsi 0x0000000001310000
Ghaib 0x0000000011310000
Hazir 0x0000000021310000
Mutakallam 0x0000000031310000
Mukhatib 0x0000000041310000
ZameerIshara 0x0000000002310000
ZameerIsharaKareeb 0x0000000012310000
ZameerIsharaBaeed 0x0000000022310000
ZameerIstafham 0x0000000003310000
ZameerMosula 0x0000000004310000
ZameerTankeer 0x0000000005310000
IsmIshara 0x0000000000410000
IsmIsharaKareeb 0x0000000001410000
IsmIsharaBaeed 0x0000000002410000
IsmMosool 0x0000000000510000
IsmMujarrad 0x0000000000310000
IsmKaifiat 0x0000000000410000
IsmHasilMasdar 0x0000000000510000
IsmJamid 0x0000000000610000
IsmMaada 0x0000000000710000
IsmAddad 0x0000000000810000
IsmMuawqza 0x0000000000910000
IsmTashgeer 0x0000000000A10000
SiftZati 0x0000000000120000
SiftNisbati 0x0000000000220000
SiftAdadi 0x0000000000320000
SiftMiqdari 0x0000000000420000
SiftIshara 0x0000000000520000
SiftMushba 0x0000000000620000
FealMutaddi 0x0000000000130000
FealLazim 0x0000000000230000
FealNakis 0x0000000000330000
FealImdadi 0x0000000000430000
FealTaam 0x0000000000530000
MutaliqFeal 0x0000000000630000
HarfFijaia 0x0000000000140000
HarfJaar 0x0000000000240000
HarfNafi 0x0000000000340000
HarfDuaiya 0x0000000000440000
HarfTashbih 0x0000000000540000
HarfTanbeeh 0x0000000000640000
HarfTahseen 0x0000000000740000
HarfIstasna 0x0000000000840000
HarfShart 0x0000000000940000
HarfTaajub 0x0000000000A40000
HarfNidaaiya 0x0000000000B40000
HarfRabt 0x0000000000C40000
HarfQasam 0x0000000000D40000
HarfIstasjab 0x0000000000E40000
HarfIstafham 0x0000000000F40000
HarfTabeh 0x0000000001040000
HarfEjab 0x0000000001140000
HarfJaza 0x0000000001240000
HarfTahajji 0x0000000001340000
HarfSoot 0x0000000001440000
HarfIzafat 0x0000000001540000
HarfNida 0x0000000001640000
HarfTardeed 0x0000000001740000
HarfTakeed 0x0000000001840000
HarfAtaf 0x0000000001940000
HarfTanaffar 0x0000000001A40000
HarfBiyaniya 0x0000000001B40000
HarfIstadraak 0x0000000001C40000
HarfIllat 0x0000000001D40000
HarfTakhsees 0x0000000001E40000
HarfTamanna 0x0000000001F40000